Stitched NYC

In this portfolio, I took pictures of iconic buildings mostly in Manhattan. Using these recognizable, significant shapes I created composites in a way that one could possibly see looking through a kaleidoscope.
This portfolio is available in an edition of 7 in 16x20 inches, signed for $900 each
The Empire : stitched Planes over NYC : stitched W 45 : stitched Madison Square : stitched
Flat Iron : stitched Columbus Circle : stitched 33 Untitled-Stitched-10 : Aachen, stitched 34 Untitled-Stitched-13 : stitched
35 Untitled-Stitched-28 : Aachen, stitched Nelson Tower : stitched Chelsea Hotel : stitched 38 Chelsea Hotel 02 : stitched