American Temples

Between New York City and Lakewood on Route 9 South in New Jersey there are still old fashion diners and fast food temples. They represent both places of gathering and isolation.
I photographed at night, when the black sky separates the lit or glowing objects from their surrounding environment. The patrons are mostly gone and the spaces remain similar to light sculptures. You might see some late food seekers, but the only movements you notice are the flags in the wind.
For me these pictures stand for monuments of the American culture.
Portfolio in 16x20 inches, signed $1500 each.
Panorama 1 Edit Panorama 48 pt LTR 6091 DxO raw LTR 6099 DxO raw 2
LTR 6077 DxO raw 2 LTR 6085 DxO raw 2 LTR 6068 DxO raw 2 LTR 6042
LTR 6061 DxO raw 2 LTR 6038 LTR 6019 Edit LTR 6023 Edit Edit
LTR 5976 LTR 6009 Edit LTR 5963 DxO raw LTR 5969 DxO raw