Bedding Down in the East Village/ NYC

"I am the single daughter of a disabled WWII veteran who experienced environmental damage, an eviction threat from my Chelsea Hotel landlord, and a house fire. I understand how one can feel the shame of rejection and not being a productive member of society and a safe home. This is one of the deepest wounds of dysfunction that effects our homeless. Recently my photographs were reviewed in the Washington Post by Mark Jenkins, who wrote “Wherever Troeller takes her camera, it seems, she’s eyeing a sort of rapture.” These emotional, art-oriented documents have the power to urge viewers and govenments to improve shelters. My photographs had this power with the TB-AIDS Diary to elicit emotional response that brought tangible change: it stopped the stamping of “HIV” in passports of Finnish citizens. These photographs were made in my foot-path on the public sidewalk. Prints are for sale to support mini-housing."
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